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Pacific Engagement by Design

This webishop explores some powerful approaches to help Pacific and non-Pacific health promoters engage more effectively with Pacific families and communities? Especially during these challenging times reaching out to our Pacific communities is even more vital, and indigenous wisdom and professional experience tell us that in order to be more effective in engaging Pacific peoples.

Diabetes: Societal malady with Individual Responsibility

This interactive webishop puts the spotlight on the magnitude and impact of diabetes and obesity among Pacific peoples in Aotearoa. The webishop features guest speaker, Dr Viliami Tutone, who as a consultant nephrologist at Middlemore Hospital, deals with the devastating effects of this disease every day. The focus is on obesity and diabetes putting them on par with suicide, mental health, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse.

Fonofale health model explained

The Fonofale model of health was created by Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann as a Pacific Island model of health for the use in the New Zealand context.

A hard copy of the paper Fonofale Explained, which explains the model, was distributed to those participants who attended the workshop on Pacific models for health promotion that was held at Massey University, Wellington on September 7, 2009.

The author gave permission for this paper to be posted on the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand website.

View/Download the paper HERE

Gardening and Health: Let your garden be your health and your health be your garden

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Healthy Islands in the Western Pacific—international settings development

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